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     Simple, Casual, & Addictive!  Hyperloop Escape is heavily inspired by arcade classics in both it's visuals and gameplay.

     Choose your speed difficulty and see how long you can last!  From electric walls to neon projectiles & much more, you'll have to constantly plan ahead to avoid the variety of obstacles before you.  To assist, travel through a HYPERLOOP to get temporary boost and speed!  But be warned, you must be the same color as the HYPERLOOP for it to have any affect, and you must never leave the play area.

     To get the highest time, you'll have to collect fuel as you go, so the safest route is not always your best move. It's all about risk and reward!  Practice on the first slowest level so that you may master the final fastest level with record times!


     Hyperloop Escape, to fully get that classic arcade feel, is entirely made of basic shapes.  Limitations push creativity, and we certainly have to stay creative in order to make the most out of basic shapes.

     The game is currently in Beta and we are eager to collect as much feedback as possible, so by all means, please leave a comment and follow us on Twitter to share both your thoughts and your high-score!

     In the near future, we hope to optimize, take in all of your ideas, and add an entire other play-mode, creating more variety with the same visuals!


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The screenshots suggest a "behind the vehicle" perspective, and yet when I play the game its in first person and there are no options to change the view.

I definitely like how this game looks and sounds. although the first level feels a bit too cluttered. The keyboard controls feel a bit awkward, might be better to have movement with one hand (such as A/D whilst having colour switching and verticle movement with the other hand (such as O/P) because it's difficult to change colours whilst moving, combined with regularly pressing space to keep at the same level.

1. 3rd level speed was impossible at start, couldn't raise fast enough to get through first ring.
2. Add something that says what the obstacles are? Sometimes I went through the beams and sometimes I ended the game.
3. The 2nd speed is the easiest to play on. 

Thanks for the feedback! The intro, especially for level 3, is being fixed for sure.  We hope to have the next version (which comes with a new playmode as well!) out soon, so your feedback helps a bunch!